core values

We are constantly improving

We never stop growing because we are always improving.
We believe that God expects excellence and increase and we want what He wants.

We are a Kingdom-minded local church

We are one piece in a big puzzle and recognize it’s not just about our local church but expanding God’s kingdom.

We will lead the way in generosity

We believe BIG, serve BIG, and give BIG, because our God is BIG.

We will create a significant impact in our world

#WeAreCSI (creating significant impact) is our culture of embracing others outside the four walls of the church through loving, influencing, and evangelizing.

We value prayer

Our connection with God gives us direction for life.

We value being genuine

We are a real church, with real people, serving a real God.
It’s about a relationship, not religion.

We will laugh hard, play hard, and love hard

Strong families make strong churches and strong churches build strong community.

We value honoring God and people

Jesus is the Head of the Church. If we love Jesus we will love His body (the Church), too.
Loving you is right and we don’t want to be wrong.

We value the next generation

We will leave a legacy by empowering our future.
We’re tenacious in the pursuit of influencing the youth to impact the future.

We value growing faith in God's Word

If He said it, we believe it and that settles it.
God’s Word is the final authority of our faith.

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