In Christ International Bible College is an accredited college that offers Associate and Bachelor degrees in theological disciplines.
ICIBC happens Tuesday nights for the duration of an entire school year. It is is designed to be affordable and convenient and is for everyone who is hungry for God, newly saved, or in the ministry.  We present each student a great opportunity to receive the teachings of the Word of God and add to his/her faith!  Our desire is to deliver a curriculum into your hands that will cultivate the good soil of your heart and produce good fruit while training you in the Word of God so that you can be the leader that God has called you to be. Our mission is for you to connect to God together and join the body of Christ to grow in the things of God and enter into a deeper relationship with Him.  You will receive supernatural revelation and experience transformation in all areas of your life that will carry into the next generation!
Applicants expecting to enter a Christian degree program at ICIBC must have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Applicants must have earned a diploma from an accredited high school, passed the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) test, or have an equivalent education. Students of the Bible Institute are not required to provide a high school diploma. NOTE: Proof of completion of High School, GED, or College must be present in the student file no later than 30 days after the student’s enrollment. This form of proof is linked with the accrediting company, ACI, and must be present in the student file immediately.



Students transferring credit to ICIBC from another institution of higher learning must provide official, sealed transcripts sent directly from the institution to the ICIBC campus. Students will be granted credit for work done on an equivalent level and for a similar amount of time in subjects that fit in the student’s program of study at ICIBC. Transferrable grades must be "C" or above and will be calculated in the student’s overall grade point average (GPA) at ICIBC.

Credits transferred from a secular institution will not substitute for theology courses within the program and will not be calculated in the student’s overall grade point average (GPA) at ICIBC. However, this student will be awarded the "Bachelor of Arts" in Christian Ministry due to previous college credit. If approved, only 30 credit-hours from a secular program will apply to the students ICIBC program of study.

Formal transfer credit evaluation is done by the ICIBC Main Campus after all official transcripts have been received. Official transcripts must be received within 60 days of the student’s application to ICIBC in order for the transfer credit to be included in the student assessment. To receive an Associate’s degree from ICIBC, students must take or transfer in credits covering Program #1 subjects (30 credit-hours). To receive a Bachelor’s degree from ICIBC, students must take or transfer in credits covering Program #4 subjects (30 credit-hours).
In Christ International Bible College believes in offering quality education at the most affordable price. We desire that the students trained at ICIBC for the work of the ministry should not have to leave with an oppressive debt. Our goal is to offer the most affordable, quality, spiritual education in order to train and equip God’s servants in His Word for the furtherance of the Gospel.



ICIBC provides an in-house student loan in the form of a "monthly payment" in order to prevent students from having to pay the full tuition at the beginning of each year. Students must pre-pay for each course before attending classes.  A tuition schedule is provided for the student at the time of registration.
(30-120 Credit Hours)

Diploma in Theology

Associate in Theology

Associate of Arts in Theology

Advanced Diploma in Theology

Bachelor of Christian Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry


The Bible Institute Program is for those individuals attending strictly for their own personal spiritual growth.  Bible Institute students must attend all classes, complete ministry practicum requirements, and read all texts.  Bible Institute students will receive a certificate of completion for each 30 credit hour program completed.


Please fill out this application in its entirety, complete with all legal documents, and return it to Patricia Hall.
If you have any questions, please call the church office during office hours at (407)-442-2688.